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Welcome to my page. I am Stephanie Verhelst and I am a 2D animator. I also specialize in traditional works. 

I graduated with a passion to create animation in 2-dimensional form SCAD. I seek to have my animations with personality and a smooth transition that shows how much I adore to animate each inanimated being with a passion.  

I am originally from Flordia where being an artist is influential through different departments in the art world. I focused on traditional materials like canvas, canvas board, paints, charcoal, watercolor, etc. Once I arrived at college I discovered the amazing world of animation and wanted to make a career of it. 

When I work in a group project. Collaboration is key in a team in order to get the work done. You are surrounded by amazing people that are just as talented as you are. I am excited to learn and grow as an animater. 

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